Wednesday, December 4, 2019


Rita Hopper purchased this 12x12 oil painting on wood and glass, and she has three other original paintings of mine in her collection.

Collector Cathy Gibson purchased these two numbered giclee' prints for her collection. She also owns the original oil painting Coffee Bean and seven other of my original paintings.

THERE'S MY DARLINGS, original 16x20 watercolor available and prints.
COFFEE BEAN, orignial sold, 12x16 prints available

 This original watercolor, below, is hanging in Cathy's VRBO flat in London where she will add the giclee prints to decorate the walls. The VRBO is called Mary Poppins Penthouse Suite, cute huh!

And both happy new owners also purchased this giclee' print tote bag, both lovely and useful, numbered and signed on the right hand corner (not in picture). In fact, Rita purchased 5 for Christmas presents last year and got rave reviews from both family and friends that were gifted. One went to Australia and she kept one for herself, of course. More are available. 

Wednesday, March 27, 2019 website NOW open for viewing.

There are a lot of new paintings to look at on my new website. I also have a blog on the website that will tell of upcoming events and fun details about my book and paintings. This blog will continue with announcements as well and what paintings have sold with their pictures. Professor Golden Mysteries signed copy is available on my website. It is also available in paperback and ebook form on Amazon for a little less. Thank you so much for your support in helping me to establish my God given talents. I hope to see you at one of my book signings and if you have any suggestions for a location to inquire about sponsering a book signing event I would most appreciate it.

Book Signing Event April 3, 2019, Wednesday, 11-1pm at the Tustin Area Senior Center, 200 South C Street, Signed copy $15.

Great gift for your best friend.
Email or go to Amazon.

This modern day homage to mid-20th Century detective fiction, Nancy Drew, but with older actors, is a fun, cozy mystery with light romance and full of intrigue, humor, moral values, and faith. Meet the quirky, retired Professor Golden, teacher in science and phenomena and her niece Jeanay a new journalism graduate. They seek stories to get Jeanay’s career started as they head out into the world to dig up unsolved mysteries in the news. Jeanay puts video packages together as she and Professor Golden, investigate, unravel, and unveil the happenings of a missing scientist at the Big Bear Observatory. They encounter a mountain man dressed in Grizzly Bear fur. Is he covering up secrets, or is he just an innocent maligned resident? Are the Ukrainian scientists embarrassed by the missing scientist and worried he will hurt their ability to stay in America? Did they have anything to do with his disappearance? Does his disappearance have anything to do with the strange notes and observations of the sky left behind in his journal?
While solving the mystery that brought them to Big Bear Professor Golden and Jeanay come across a lady on horseback. She poses another mystery for them that involve unrelated, undiagnosed disease symptoms in the horses and humans on her ranch. A handsome vet catches Jeanay’s attention propelling her into a nervous state embodied in hilarious situations. Experience the magnificent horses and their exhilarating feats in the horse competition show, the hilarious Great Dane, and chicken and Guiney Pig antics. Enjoy amazing events at the ranch in their heady endeavor to deal with the stable’s health problem, the mayor and the forestry service. Are they all involved in a serious cover-up?
You will enjoy the mirth, fact-based science, and funny situations throughout your reading. All ages will find this novel fun, safe, thought provoking, up lifting, and memorable. Readers agree this is an undoubtedly enjoyable read for young person and adult alike.

Jeanette Jensen B.A. is an accomplished artist of many years and has been writing novels and screenplays for the last five years. This is Jeanette’s first published novel. She is also the artist for the novel’s cover. Her background includes acting, directing, and writing in a traveling stage play group that she created. Her credits include being a winner in the 2014, 2016, 2017 and 2018 National Novel Writing Month competition. And a yearly Solo gallery show in Tustin with several newspaper articles featuring her artwork. Jeanette is the happy mother of five children. She resides in Tustin, California with two of her daughters.

Thursday, October 18, 2018

Christmas Present Totes

These silk screen (numbered) large totes are ideal for Christmas presents. The colors are bright and vivid, $34.

 The original acrylic hand painted totes are also available. They shimmer in the light from a special paint, wipes clean with water and sponge. Inside zipper pocket has a little painting as well. Commission welcome in your price range.

 Original Acrylic painting, Quail. 14-1/2 x 18-1/2 
 Original Acrylic painting, Hummingbird. 14-1/2 x 18-1/2
 Pocket inside Hummingbird Tote
 Pocket inside Quail Tot
Commissions welcome in your price range.

Wednesday, October 10, 2018

2018 Solo Gallery Show Sales

My Tustin Gallery Show had a larger reception attendance than ever before. A large number of the paintings sold over the duration of the July show. And one painting has been commissioned. My next Solo show will be in April of 2019. Here are the photos of the paintings that sold. Please let me know if you would like to be added to my email list for show announcements.

     Yellow Rose oil on glass.

                                                                        Oil on glass.

                                                              Red Poppies oil on glass.

  Butterfly and Poppies oil on wood and glass.

                                                       Chantilly Iris oil on wood and glass.

                                        Hummingbird with Hibiscus oil on antique window.

 This tryptic watercolor,  Apples and Blossom's, new home is in the UK, London. The London flat can be rented at a very reasonable price from Cathy Gibson. Look up VRBO Mary Poppins Penthouse. It is beautiful.

                                  Comfort Food print of oil. More giclee' prints are available.

                                   Waterfall in Yuciapa, San Bernardino County, watercolor.

                                Print of oil, Love For Israel. More Giclee' prints are available.

      Metallic injected dye print from an oil painting mounted on a black canvas, 12 x12, 99.00.
This is the last one available.

                                                               Pink Rose, oil on glass.

I have a fun story from the new owner of  'Wedding Bear and Roses'. Jorge purchased this watercolor, at my last show in July 2016, for his mother as a gift. He delightedly told me that it is prominently displayed in his parents home where carefully chosen smaller family photos surround it. He went on to say that people come in, stop and stare in admiration at the new addition. Questions like, "Is it an original," and "Where did you get that!?" are common to hear. Thank you Jorge for your fun feedback.

I remember the lace was so difficult and tedious to do but the 'delicate effect' was worth it..

Friday, February 10, 2017

2017 NEWS of Recognition

Love For Israel 

24x18 Giclee prints of original oil


The Original painting hangs at Jewish Voice Ministries International in Arizona. Jewish Voice can be watched on television through many Christian stations or on line at their website and Youtube.

They have chosen my painting as their official greeting card available in their catalog on line at their website and in their monthly magazine. You can purchase a beautiful gold box with 16 notecards for $18 from The top 5x7 card can be viewed through the clear plastic box top. Available March 2017.

I combine the prayer shawl (tallith), with a menorah, ram's horn, and Israeli national flower the Rose of Sharon, known to Christians as the Crown of Thorns, in a familiar depiction of the Israel Wailing wall. This is a lovely view and remembrance for both Jew, Christian, and Messianic believer. The prints are professional high resolution giclee's on canvas, free shipping included. I am very excited to bring you this news. Please contact me if you would like to add this print to your collection.


Click on image to enlarge.